Strategy Academy

JCI Finland will be organizing the first international Strategy Academy in Finland in August 27–28, 2021.

JCI Finland has a strong background in strategy work on local, regional and national level. This knowledge is somethin we will be sharing for the use of other JCI countries and active members.

The full-weekend training is primarily meant for national level JCI directors or JCI members seeking international level operations, who wish to promote both their own and their nation’s strategic skills. The participants will hear more about the JCI Finland strategy building case. The training content will also support the worklife skills of the participants through a work-based approach, linking the content closely to business.

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More information on this unique academy opportunity will be shared later through www.strategyacademy.fi

For even more information: Maria Arjonen Executive Vice President, International Affairs JCI Finland

Strategy Training by JCI Finland

Objective: Strategy Training gives participants basic knowledge on how to create a strategy for your own LOM. After the training participants have familiarized themselves on strategic thinking and the process of creating a strategy. The training will introduce several tools that can be used in the process of creating a strategy. The skills participants learn during the training can be used as a LOM and NOM board member but also in working life. During Strategy Training participants also network to each other and improve their team leadership skills.

References: Strategy Training has been held in JCI Finland for several years. Every year around 100 JayCees go through the training and implement the knowledge in their own LOM’s as well as working life. Year after year the training has been said to be one of the best trainings ever held in JCI Finland. First Strategy Training outside Finland was held in JCI 3City, Poland in April 2017 with participants from JCI Poland and JCI Czech Republic.

Timetable: Strategy Training is usually held from Friday evening to Sunday noon:

Friday: 2-3 hours training + dinner and grouping activities

Saturday: 8 hours training + dinner and activities held by arranging LOM

Sunday: 2-3 hours training

Participants: Ideal group size is 8-15 persons per trainer. Bigger group (max. 30 persons) can also be divided to two groups that one trainer supervises in turns. Participants can be from one LOM, several LOM’s or also from several NOM’s.

Training facilities: One big room is compulsory, where everyone has table and chair in group form. If there is more than one group, there should have space to arrange tables as groups for every group. For more intensive learning, it is recommended to have also separate rooms for all groups to be used during specific group tasks.

For more information:

Tiina Naskali
Senior Advisor, Skills Development
JCI Finland
+358 40 576 8803

3LED by JCI Finland

We at JCI Finland promote and value Sustainable Development Goals such as:

#4 Quality Education

#8 Good Jobs and Economic Growth

JCI Finland aims to take skills development to a new level. JCI Finland invests in its members, raises its reputation as quality training provider, gets new members to join by showing what individuals can obtain personally when becoming better leaders and active citizens.

3LED by JCI Finland is a 3-5 year long development path, combining 3 separate programs as 1 concept. The objective of this concept is to ensure continuous development of our members and to accelerate their success in business and in working life.

The concept consists of 3 different programs:

Local Deputy Presidents Empowerment Program
Leadership Growth Platform for Local Presidents
Talent Pool for Future Leaders – Mentoring and Developing

Local Deputy Presidents Empowerment Program in a nutshell:

  • Structured and systematic program for Local Deputy Presidents
  • Preparation for Presidential Year, ”Foundation Year”
  • Local Deputy Presidents to be treated as important resource. Maximize the impact they can make as a leader.
  • Workshops and training sessions during the year in official meetings and conferences

Content covers:

  • Knowledge of JCI and its strategic goals: JCI Strategy & JCI Plan of Action
  • Contribution to next year´s National Plan of Action (objectives, action points, measurement)
  • Budgeting on national and on local level
  • Roles and duties of a Local President on local, regional and national level
  • How to inspire and motivate members
  • Deep analyze of projects and activities in own chamber. Active Citizen Framework

Leadership Growth Platform for Local Presidents program in a nutshell:

  • Program covers 4 areas: Personal Growth, Leadership Development, Supervisor Skills and How to mentor future leaders.
  • Tools to tackle daily leadership and human2human challenges, to get better results with people
  • Strengthen the teamwork within local boards and improve board engagement

Content covers:

  • Insights Discovery, Mental Coaching for upcoming role
  • 360° Feedback Survey, Case Based Learning & Best Practices, Motorola Self-assessment tool, Action-based Learning Game, , Strategic Planning
  • Model of Early Support and Intervention, Meaning of Feedback, Effective communication in difficult situations
  • Useful Peer Group, Trust between colleagues, Mentoring and Coaching

Talent Pool for Future Leaders – Mentoring and Developing program in a nutshell:

  • Talent Pool ensures that candidates and elected ones are well prepared for upcoming year and will succeed in the roles they are running for
  • JCI Finland has own Election Committee like in JCI
  • Own mentor for each candidate during the preparation period

Content covers:

  • Strategy of JCI and JCI Finland
  • Self-knowledge and capacity
  • Task specific preparation and assignments
  • How to sell your ideas & impress decision makers, the voters
  • Personal Growth
  • Methods used: self-evaluation, homework on online platform, 1-to-1 discussions with own mentor, group tasks, Key Note speakers, Panel discussion and caucus, Pecha Kucha presentations

3LED by JCI Finland has been awarded in 2016 as The Best National Growth and Development Program in the world.

Contact person:
Ellimaija Ahonen
Skills Development Ambassador, Responsible  for JCI 3LED
CEA 2017, Member of JCI Finland National Board