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Is your local JCI organization already doing Twinning? Say, wouldn´t it be great to start a beautiful Twinning love story with another sexy Junior Chamber from abroad? Well, now it´s easy, with JCI-Twinder!

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Here´s TOP 5 hottest reasons why your Twinning partner should be from Finland!

# 1: One of the most active JCI countries in the world!
Did you know that Finland has 71 local Junior Chambers which have overall more that 2200 active members? Well, now you do! JCI is very active and well-respected in Finland. When you Twin with a Finn, you too get to be a part of this amazing community!

# 2: Even scientists say that Finland is the happiest country in the world!
According to World Happiness Report (https://worldhappiness.report/ed/2019/) Finland is the happiest country in the whole world! It´s a country of freedom in which pure nature and high level technology work together perfectly. Start your Twin with a Finn journey today and get your own share of that famous Finnish happiness!

# 3: In Finland JCI really makes a difference!
Here in Finland the local Junior Chambers are an important part of the society and make a lot of projects that have a huge beneficial impact on their local areas. Take a look at these great examples: [linkkejä parhaisiin kamariprojekteihin].

When you Twin with a Finn, you´ll be part of a gigantic network that is making a huge difference in the world. You´ll also learn how to make a meaningful changes through JCI in your own area!

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# 4: Finland is known worldwide for their education and skill
When you twin with a Finn, you’ll get to connect with people who are top level experts in their field. Finnish companies are well known for their high competence and everyone knows education in Finland is one of the best in the world! Knowledge is power, so start creating your Finnish partnerships now!

# 5: Learn to party like a Finn!
Finnish people know how to have fun! Get ready, because when you Twin with a Finn, you´ll get to enjoy the biggest, longest and craziest parties of your life! Come to Finland in summer and you will see that even the sun doesn´t sleep here – check out our nightless nights:

So here´s five reasons to Twin with a Finn! Start your adventure by creating a profile on JCI-Twinder today!

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Fill this form to get twinning chamber in Finland!

If you have any guestions or comment, please contact Twin with a Finn project manager Klaus Breitholtz, klaus.breitholtz@jci.fi.