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”JCI means different things to different people. For me it has been learning new things, development, challenging myself, making mistakes and finding my own path. But most of all it has been about finding friends for life.” 

Johanna Lainio, JCI Rauma 

“I started as a trial member in November 2019 when my youngest child was 4 months old. I wanted to get a hobby that would develop me during my maternity leave and help me with my career. I knew that I would be changing jobs after my maternity leave.  

During my trial membership year Corona started and plans changed a lot. Still, I got to participate to interesting projects, and I fell in love with the communal spirit of JCI and all the possible opportunities available. 

I was given lots of opportunities when I was selected as a member in October 2020 and at the same time selected to be part of the chapter board. It has been great that I have been trusted and being able to show that I am worth the trust. Development opportunities are as great as you are willing to take on!”  

Eveliina Laaksonen, JCI Pori 

“JCI activities have brought into my life meaningful, inspiring activities and new close friends. Chapter members are definitely inspiring, open and active people, with whom ideas fly and new and inspiring projects just appear from nowhere! Most important for me has been has been doing socially meaningful projects like the Christmas tree project. During my six years in JCI I  have gotten to participate to numerous successful projects with great team members! In addition there are wonderful trainings, events, activities and networking…I am really happy that I joined JCI, you should join too!  

Doris Tuohimaa, JCI Central Park 

“I applied to be a trial member in JCI Tammerkoski in 2017. My friend told me in advance that here is a chance to network, get to know new people and develop my leadership skills. Now almost five years later I have gotten much more than I thought. Membership has boosted my path as an entrepreneur and brought trusted customers relationships. Immediately after I became a member I participated to our chapter’s board activities and ended up as a chapter president. JCI has been a great journey to self-awareness, leadership development and new workplace skills.” 

Markus Koskinen, JCI Tammerkoski 

“Working abroad and getting interested in international activities were my original reasons for joining JCI. Now seven years later I can say that I got way more than I expected. Through JCI I have gotten to organize several international events and seminars, participate to JCI Europe’s social media team, follow a MEP in Brussels for a week, visit the only wine factory in Bali, learn business culture with JCI Gangnam in Seoul and organize virtual business content for European JCI members with chapter members from 10 different countries. Overall, I can say, that in addition to hundreds of new friends and experiences, JCI has also changed my world view and made me see the meaning of building mutual trust in all international activities.” 

Miika Kostamo, JCI Vihti 

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